EKSUT III English Post UTME past questions practice test

Welcome to your English 003

In question 1-13, choose an option that best completes the gap:

While I am the —— child in the family, John is the —————-

We have ——- fruits in the rainy season

Everyone of the chiefs ——— a car

The little boy as well as Tolu —- happy

If I fail this examination, my Principal and our teachers or the school —– to be blame for it

The bus conductor —— the passengers haphazardly yesterday

Most traders here deal —- perishable food items

Hassan asked if Ola could ——— him his pen

The workers are protesting ——– the recent increment in oil price.

The Nursery school was ——– in 1993

Their children are ———- in New York

I saw a woman holding ———

It was ——- dry yesterday

He succeeded ——– many factors

You are required to prove your case —– reasonable doubts

You need not shout like a villager; I ——- what you are saying

I am yet to see a ——- man than Nwosu

In those good old days, we liked to make —– for our machines


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